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There is something for everybody

Holiday at the Wilder Kaiser

For those, for whom our programme and offering in the 4-star Hotel Sonnenhof in Going is not enough, we have even more action and adventure on offer - a perfect range of activities for your family holiday on the Wilder Kaiser with guaranteed fun factor! Your family has the opportunity to go on an exciting tour of discovery and at the same time get to know various facets of nature in a playful way.


The region is known for its many leisure activities with something for all ages.

Make your holiday on the Wilder Kaiser an exciting adventure holiday and experience fun and exciting moments with the whole family that you will never forget!

Holiday at the Wilden Kaiser
Ellmi’s magical world

Ellmi’s magical world captivates with its unbelievable diversity and the magnificent view from the Hart Kaiser to the Wilder Kaiser. The 4,000m² kid’s play park welcomes you to a mystical fairytale world full of fairies, goblins, woodland spirits and of course the magic frog Ellmi! Those with a spirit of discovery and a sense of adventure will definitely be playfully entertained here!

Hartkaiserbahn - Ellmi's Zauberwelt
Summer holiday at Wilder Kaiser

Filzalmsee Hochbrixen

Float over the lake on rafts and discover the secrets of the mountain lake and its upland moor - the Filzalmsee lake is very popular for its natural Alpine landscape and the rare flora and fauna. The panoramic round walk is another highlight of the lake!

Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve

The mountain adventure world of Hexenwasser in Söll in Tyrol has been delighting adults and children alike for more than ten years with games of safe nature watching. Back to the roots is the common theme of all six of the mountain adventure worlds in the Wilder Kaiser region.

So off we go on Austria's longest barefoot path in Hexenwasser Hochsöll over grass, bark mulch, massaging stones and bubbling water to 60 interactive stations where all the senses will be newly aroused. Clever witches and crafty wizards give advice at each point what to do, whether in the Hexenwerkstatt (witches' workshop), fire place or the jumping water. 

There is lots to experience: the feeling of wading knee-deep through bog, building channels, sticking your head into the humming stone or getting a note out of the stone harp.

Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve
Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve

Alpinolino Westendorf

On the Talkaser above Westendorf in Brixental, the Alpinolino mountain park combines learning about natural history with directly experiencing it in a very original way. You can measure how far you can jump in comparison with a squirrel or a rabbit, complete the marmot rally and hide yourself like the fluttering inhabitants of the alpine meadows.

The Alpinolino's own mountain guide "Schlauberger" turns the whole family into nature detectives. There is all kinds of things to marvel and discover at the touch box, the aroma organ or at the tree telephone, and in Alpinolino the animals are the best mountain guides.

KaiserWelt Scheffau - The play realm on the Brandstadl at 1,650 metres

In the KaiserWelt on the Brandstadl at the village of Scheffau, a cheery Emperor of Games invites all his little subjects in to his castle and the unique realm where they can romp and play to their heart's content. A sporting course forms the centrepiece of the KaiserWelt, although it is also worth taking a walk through the Little People's forest or enjoying the views from the treehouses or taking a creative dip into the imperial handicraft workshop.

KaiserWelt Scheffau
KaiserWelt Scheffau

The loveliest natural bathing lake in Tyrol - Bathing lake Going

The bathing lake Going is situated on the edge of a forest with a panoramic view of the Wilder Kaiser, an arms length away. An international jury voted it the loveliest natural bathing lake in Tyrol, and that's not just becauce it is fed from the mountain springs of the Wilder Kaiser.

On the flat white beach, the water in the separate childrens and non-swimmers bay warms up to a pleasant 24 degrees Celsius. A hundred metre long open air slide and an extra wide water slide make a good time at the loveliest natural lake in Tyrol a holiday hit, which you are sure to keep coming back to. While the children can run riot in the adventure playground with a pirate ship, the adults can fortify themselves at the lake buffet or sunbathe on the 50.000 m² of surrounding grass and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

You can wear yourself out as much as you like and feel like you're on a beach holiday in "JoeRassics Beacharena" at Going's Badesee - the largest beach volleyball facility in west Austria with 4 competition courts and a warm up court. 

Going Badesee is open from 9 am to 7 pm in good weather!

Holidays with children at Wilder Kaiser

Das perfekte Schlechtwetterprogramm

Auch am Wilden Kaiser benötigt die Sonne ab und zu mal eine kurze Pause. Aber keine Sorge, bei uns wird Ihnen garantiert nicht langweilig werden. Neben unzähligen Outdoor-Aktivitäten, bietet die umliegende Umgebung auch zahlreiche Indoor-Freizeitangebote für Groß und Klein an. 

Museen in der Umgebung

Sie möchten während Ihrem Urlaub nicht auf Kunst und Kultur verzichten? Kein Problem! Die zahlreichen Museen und Ausflugsmöglichkeiten in der Umgebung runden Ihren Urlaub in Tirol perfekt ab. Wir empfehlen Ihnen folgende Ausflugsziele:

Family holiday at the Wilden Kaiser
Family holiday Wilder Kaiser

...und sonst noch Spannendes in Tirol

Neben den vielen Museen gibt es aber auch noch viele weitere Ausflugsziele, bei denen der Spaß und das Erlebnis im Vordergrund stehen. 

Erholung & Entspannung

Sie möchten ein wenig Abwechslung zu unserer Wellnessoase oder es ist schlechtes Wetter angesagt? Dann sind die Freizeit- und Hallenbäder genau die Richtige Option. 

Wie wäre es z.B. mit einem Besuch der Panorama Badewelt in St. Johann, der Freizeitanlage in Brixen, dem Badezentrum Aquarena Kitzbühel oder den Kirchdorfer Sport- und Freizeitanlagen? Die Badewelten sind in nur wenigen Kilometern mit dem Auto zu erreichen und bieten Spaß für die ganze Familie. 

Holiday at the Wilden Kaiser
Holiday Wilder Kaiser

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